Special Activities

National Tree Day, Brazil


Forest / green areas preservation training to Rotam staff


Save the planet

Soybean Field Day in Tocantins, Brazil


Discover the soybean production hide in the soybean bottom

Field demonstration


Product briefing of SADDLER 350SC and SALUZI 600FS to customers

“Be a Bumper Apple Harvester” – Rotam Apple Growing Competition


Rotam Brazil Experimental Field Open Day   

Field Demonstration

Product Efficacy Evaluation by Specialist after applying JACKPOT®50EC

Field Trial Assessment   

Product Efficacy Evaluation to Customers


Insect Observation in Insect Breeding Room

Rice Pathogens Seminar in Colombia   

Diseases differentiation under microscope (Gaeumannomyces SP & Rhizocthonia SP )

Pathogen identification competition

Rotam Technical Support Team explained the product portfolio to target diseases

Agronomists and technical experts experience sharing

Marathon du Beaujolais in France
UNICEF Charity Run in Hong Kong 2014
Media Marathon Bogota in Colombia
Headquarters Office Removal - Soft Opening 
Marathon du Beaujolais in France 
UNICEF Charity Run in Hong Kong
Rotam Day of Change 
UNICEF Charity Run in Hong Kong
Team Building Day
The International HR Conference
The IPO Day
The IPO Roadshow
Rugby Sponsorship Program
Team Building Day 
AgroChemicals Asia Summit 
Factory Visit by European Customers
The 1st Rotam Global Registration Conference
Technical Training in Brazil
Product Launch in Campinas, Brazil
Fungicide Field Trials and Evening Party for France Dealers in Hans, France
Factory Visit by Shandong, China customers
Product Launch in Brazil
Seminar in Spain
Product Use Sharing in United Kingdom
Site Visits in Kenya