Other Group Companies


JRB Packaging Company Ltd (JRB)

In 1995, The Rotam Group (Canada) joined forces with Boxmore International Group (UK, a branch of Chesapeake Corporation) to establish JRB Packaging Company Ltd, (JRB). Aimed at servicing China and global markets, JRB has the capability to produce a wide range of fluorinated HDPE containers and provide complete packaging solutions for chemicals.

In our 2,600 square meters of modern production facility, JRB is the sole manufacturer in Asia using the patented "in-line fluorination" technology to produce fluorinated containers.

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Apart for the fluorinated containers, JRB uses state-of-the-art equipment, excellent materials and advanced processes to produce Co-Ex bottles, conventional HDPE containers and PET bottles. JRB is the only fluorinated container producer in Asia and imported blow-molding equipments from KRUPP (Germany) and uses the Boxmore-patented "in-line fluorination" technology to produce fluorinated containers under strict quality control. These are used to pack organic chemicals.

Quality Management

Scientific and strict quality control system is the key to ensure the quality of JRB's products to meet customers' satisfaction. JRB was awarded ISO9002 certificate in 1999. JRB concentrates on providing the complete packaging solutions to a broad range of industries including chemicals, food additives, oils and inks.



Product Features

JRB has wide experience in the manufacture of UN certified packaging especially for those products which are categorized as dangerous goods and require UN certified packaging for legal international transport.

Fluorinated bottles have the special quality of withstanding a wide range of corrosive chemicals. Regular HDPE containers react with chemicals, which leads to corrosion and reduced shelf life. The thin coating of PTFE material inside the fluorinated bottle acts as an insulation layer between the HDPE material and chemical within. Because of the special barrier layer, the bottles have the following exceptional properties:

  • No Chemical Reaction
  • No Evaporation
  • No Corrosion
  • No Dissolving

Barrier Layer Minimizes Solvent Permeation

Due to the special properties associated with them, fluorinated containers are able to resist solvent permeation and prevent product degradation. Fluorinated containers are widely used in packaging agrochemicals, pharmaceutical products, flavors, fragrances, dye and ink. The total volume of goods packaged in fluorinated containers continues to increase as the advantages of them are known to the different industries. It is proven that products stored in fluorinated bottles have longer shelf life and less weight loss due to evaporation over time. For the extreme low level of chemical residue after use, fluorinated bottles can be recycled as HDPE. Unlike glass or aluminum bottles, fluorinated bottles are lighter in weight and lower in cost. As a result, many companies have switched from traditional glass or aluminum bottles to fluorinated bottles in order to enjoy the significant cost saving in packaging material and transportation expense, and reduced product loss during storage.