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Ecotox Laboratory

Ecotox Laboratory

Ecotoxicology Laboratory of Rotam Research Laboratory (RRL) is a purpose built facility designed for the conduct of high quality ecotoxicological evaluations of chemicals especially crop protection chemicals.

Evaluation of crop protection chemicals for their toxicity to non-target organisms of aquatic and terrestrial environment under GLP conditions is the main activity of the laboratory. Organisms such as freshwater alga, freshwater invertebrate Daphnia, freshwater fishes including coldwater fish Rainbow trout, aquatic floating macrophyte Lemna are tested in the Aquatic Ecotoxicology Laboratory. Facilities for test concentration verification in the aquatic media are available and are conducted routinely with Physio-chemical analysis in the Chemistry laboratory. Soil dwelling organism earthworm and a beneficial insect pollinator honeybee are the test species tested in the Terrestrial Ecotoxicology Laboratory. These preliminary investigations are termed as Acute studies/tests and is a mandatory requirements for regulatory purposes.

Facilities to carryout tests on non-target plants and non-target beneficial arthropods and environmental fate of the agrochemical introduced are under developmental stages. All tests are validated and then conducted strictly following the Principles of GLP. At present  the only GLP certified Ecotox Lab in China having the expertise to develop the facilities and perform the tests as per international product registration requirements.

Ecotox Laboratory RRL


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Observation of Insect Behavior Maintenance of Alga Culture in Controlled Environment
 Observation of Insect Behavior  Maintenance of Alga Culture in Controlled Environment