Why Rotam

Quality Management


Rotam CropSciences has extensive onsite ISO-certified warehousing with purpose-built structural separation for herbicides and other harmful substances to avoid cross-contamination. Rotam's plants operate at high environmental standards and are able to meet the most stringent criteria set by leading multinational companies. Rotam's JRC plant located in Kunshan currently meets the highest environmental standards, and its Rotachem project under construction is expected to comply when operational.

Quality is central to the products and services that Rotam offers. The Rotam quality management organization is a network of quality system and dedicated laboratories, inspectors and audit with strong technical support. Reporting lines of QA are direct to GM and Vice GM. Rotam's Analytical Research & Development Laboratory and Central QC Laboratory have obtained official accreditation from regulatory authority China National Accreditation Service (CNAS).



Rotam Quality System

Rotam's quality system operates strictly within the standards of practice set forth by the Analytical Research & Development Department (ARD). The ARD serves as an internal audit, standardization and training hub within Rotam's QA system, and is supported by its CNAS-approved laboratory. The Quality Control Central Laboratory (QCCL) has input from all QC Labs within Rotam and the Quality Assurance Inspectorate. The QCCL lab is CNAS approved and is the analytical workhorse of the system, testing many samples taken by the QA team, ranging from raw materials through inline process samples to finished packed products. The Quality Management Director then assembles troubleshooting teams from different disciplines within the QM structure and organizes interdepartmental work groups to drive quality improvement across the Company.