Why Rotam

Why Rotam

The Corporate Office is in Hong Kong providing Financial and Executive Functions. Our synthesis, formulation and product development operations are in China and Taiwan. This allows us to link competitive locations for production in terms of raw materials and industrial infrastructure with industry leading-production technology and high quality standards (i.e. ISO).

We provide fully integrated research & development, global product registration, manufacturing, marketing and technical support. What's more, Rotam CropSciences benefits from other group companies operating in specialty packaging, surfactants and industrial equipment. This includes crossover technology developed originally by the pharmaceutical background such as:
- Formulation technology and delivery systems
- Closed Environment manufacturing
- Active Isomer Selection in biological compounds
- Fermentation technology

We conduct research & development around all aspects of an existing active ingredient, and we firmly believe that a whole new generation of R&D starts once the molecule product patent expires. We have successfully launched innovative formulations and introduced enhanced delivery systems in selected crops.

Rotam CropSciences sells branded finished products in over 60 countries through a network of strategic partnerships with national and regional distributors supported by a network of nine regional offices.

Each regional team is led by a regional director with senior level regional management experience in multinational companies.

Each regional office has a logistics and finance team along with marketing / promotion and technical support. Depending on size and the maturity of business, each country or sub-region will have a manager and support team.

In addition, Argentina, Brazil, Latin America North, EMEA and Asia Pacific have regional registration and technical teams.

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