About Rotam

Company Milestones

Rotam was founded in 1950s with two key business units - Food Retail and Life Sciences. The Life Sciences remains a core business and investment focus today with Crop Protection and Veterinary consolidated under Rotam CropSciences Ltd. Other Group Companies operate in Pharmaceutical and Barrier Packaging.

Year Milestones
1950s Rotam's pharmaceutical business established in Taiwan
1960s Crop protection sector is added to the Group
1991 Established the first People’s Republic of China (PRC) manufacturing entity
1992 Set the corporate strategy to build the first China-based off-patent multinational crop protection company in the industry
Established the first centralized Rotam laboratory in the PRC
Began building International Registration Team & Structures
1993 The PRC / Taiwan pharmaceutical business forward integrated to distribution
First dedicated formulation plant for crop protection products set up in the PRC
Crop protection business established in Latin America
1994 Crop protection business expanding to Middle East, Egypt and North Africa
Established the first crop protection business in South East Asia
1995 Established a pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution joint venture located in Kunshan, Shanghai
1996 Specialty pharmaceutical and agrochemical packaging joint venture established in Kunshan, Shanghai
1998 Mark Lu (Chairman and son of the Founder) nominated as the Entrepreneur of the Year by the leading crop protection magazine Farm Chemicals International
1999 Veterinary and crop protection business established in eastern and southern Africa
First internal product approval by a multinational fruit company in Latin America
2000 Completed the 1st phase of Jiangsu Rotam Chemistry (JRC) in Kunshan, Shanghai
Became BASF production and distribution hub for the PRC
Expanded registration teams in China, Central America and Middle East
Established the 2nd generation laboratories for product development, Quality Assurance, Analytical Research & Development and Delivery Systems in Kunshan
2001 Signed agreements for China production and distribution hub with leading Japanese companies, Sumitomo, Nippon Soda and Nihon Nohyaku
2003 Established marketing / distribution platform in Brazil and Latin America
2004 Reorganized into nine core operating regions with dedicated business development teams
Inaugurated crop protection business in Brazil
Expanded regional registration and product development teams in South America
Registration organization set up in the European Union (EU)
Established Middle East and North African headquarters in Turkey
2005 Signed agreements for China production and distribution with Japanese company, Eisai
2006 First branded product registrations in Brazil and the USA
China R&D laboratory obtained official accreditation from regulatory authority China National Accreditation Service (CNAS)
2007 Rotam Research Laboratories (RRL) accredited with of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) status by the German regulatory authority
First branded product registrations granted in the EU
Established Sub-Saharan Africa headquarters in Kenya
Added West Africa to core operating regions bringing total to 10
2008 Began the EU commercial operations
Commenced operation of 3rd generation laboratories for product development, process development and delivery systems in Taicang and Kunshan
2009 Consolidation of branded and technology driven business into Rotam CropSciences Ltd.
Expansion of GLP Laboratory (RRL) capacity
2010 Expansion of Regulatory Team in EU with a Registration & Product Development Hub established in Lyon, France
Field Experimental Station & Laboratory set up in Brazil
Expansion of research and development capacity in China with the opening of New State of the Art Laboratories for the Process Chemistry Group (PCG)
2011 Taiwan manufacturing and laboratory expansion, corporate office established in Taipei
2012 Rotam CropSciences holding company, Rotam Global AgroSciences Ltd. is successfully listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange
Ecotox Laboratory of RRL received accreditation for GLP successfully
2013 Restructure the Operating Regions from 6 to 9
Taiwan, India, Argentina given regional status. This is to reflect the complexity of business and scope of operations including sales, manufacturing and R&D
2014 Established distribution organization in Indonesia
Set up Process Chemistry R&D in Udaipur, India
2015 Launch Rotam Agronomic Solutions global initiative